Studio Putinja

Project office Studio Putinja was founded in 2016. with its headquarters in the heart of Istria - Pazin. We are a crew of young enthusiasts and experts forming a five member team which covers an array of services, from architectural projects, urban planning, interior design through to restauration and reconstruction, scenery and landscape, research studies, project supervision...


Every project task we receive from an investor is a new challenge and it's very important to us that we approach it in a "fresh" and individual way.

As a Studio we have established ourselves with a style of architecture we as authors strive for, mostly in form of modern architecture and authored objects.

Our goal is for a space to tell a story, no matter if the basic concept is the spirit of a context or if it's about a contemporary architecture where the main concept is confronted with the context and developed in a somewhat abstract way.
We often use not only visual, but we also influence other stimuli (sound, light, dinamics, smell...).

Each one of our investors is specific and according, asks for individual space and objects solution, and in every project we try and offer solutions which will reconcile the modern and traditional meanwhile not disrupting sinergy of the context.

Architecture is a combination of idea and compromise between the architect and investor, modern and traditional.


During the past 6 years of studio existence we have completed over 200 projects of various scopes, ranging from housing, public, social and business architecture, interior design, urban planning, landscape...

Along with designing housing objects for private investors we also worked on many
public and social projects.

With all public objects it's necessary to look at the space from different perspectives, social and public content will be used by many different users of all generations and various tastes so it's important to reconcile the functionality of a space, as well as establishing uniqueness of an idea/concept and form.

We are especially proud of winning 2nd place at the contest for the Croatian pavilion at Expo 2020. in Dubai.